Building Modern Learners in the Organisation

Every organisation needs independent modern lifelong learners who organise and manage their own continuous self-improvement and self-development and not rely entirely on being trained at work.

The focus of this workshop, run by Jane Hart, is to help every participant establish a daily modern learning habit.

This workshop can be run as

  1. an onsite interactive and collaborative workshop
  2. a private online challenge

1 – Onsite interactive workshop

You can select the length of your workshop by adding together the core elements with the desired optional elements.

  • Core elements
    • Introduction to Modern Learning: why it’s important and what it means (1/2 hour)
    • 10 steps to organising and managing a daily modern learning habit (1 hour)
  • Optional elements
    • Learning daily on the Web: whilst exploring the different options to receive a daily flow of content we will build a collaborative resource for the team (2 hours)
    • Learning from your professional network: how to build and maintain a professional network, and identification of key connections for the team (1½ hours)
    • Learning from periodic events and experiences: whilst exploring the different options we will build a calendar of relevant events for the next few months (2 hours)
    • Learning from daily work experiences: how to get the most out of your job and manager (1 hour)

Private online challenge

  • Kick-off web meeting explaining how the challenge will work (1/2 hour)
  • 50 daily tasks (week days only)  Note: These tasks will be slightly amended from the generic ones here to support collaborative activities and building of useful team resources and calendars. Hosted in a private online space.
  • Final feedback session to discuss individual learning plans (1 hour)

Contact Jane Hart to discuss a workshop or online challenge for your team or organisation.