We will shortly be announcing a series of public online workshops – that you can work through on your own or with others – and supported by Jane Hart. The first two workshops will be:

Introducing Modern Professional Learning

This 5-week online workshop looks at some of the new ways to learn in the modern world of learning

  1. Building and sustaining a professional network (aka pln) and maximising participation in online communities
  2. Getting the most out of (in-person and online) conferences and other live events
  3. Keeping up to date with what’s happening in your industry or profession – connecting the dots, and avoiding information overload
  4. Locating, validating and making the most of online courses and resources
  5. Learning from your daily work

Email me when this workshop is ready

Modern Professional Learning in Practice

This  5-week online workshop looks at how to organise and manage your own professional growth and development.

  1. Setting up a professional development plan
  2. Establishing a daily learning workout
  3. Recording and reflecting on what you have learned
  4. Evidencing your achievements and new performance
  5. Sharing significant findings with others

Email me when this workshop is ready

All these workshops and others can be run on a private basis for organisations, contact Jane Hart for more information.