Quick Guide to Wikipedia


wikipediaWikipedia is a valuable resource for quickly finding out about a topic, and then for delving into primary resources for deeper information

Website: www.wikipedia.org
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Key features

Started in 2001, Wikipedia (in English) now has nearly 5 million articles and over 37 million pages in total. Here’s an example of an article on Wikipedia.wikilearn

Every page in Wikipedia can be “edited”, which means it is constantly evolving and growing and can be kept up to date.   To edit Wikipedia, you simply select the Edit button.

To edit the page, you will need to use the Wikipedia mark-up language (see screenshot below).


wikilearn2If you are not logged in, your IP address is tracked. If you are logged in, your edits will be attributed to a user name in the View History (see screenshot below).

Because Wikipedia has been created by individuals, its credibility is often questioned, particularly as there have been some high profile cases of incorrect information being added to it. However, a number of studies have showed that Wikipedia is at least as reliable as other encyclopaedias, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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