Quick Guide to Slideshare



slideshareSlideshare is still the most popular place to find and host presentation slidesets as well as other documents and infographics. Now owned by LinkedIn.

Website: www.slideshare.net
Availability: Hosted
Cost: Free

Key features

You don’t have to have an account to view the slidesets hosted on Slideshare, simply search for slidesets of interest (by keyword, topic or user)

When you view a presentation, you can share it with others, email it, embed it in a web page, like it and/or save it (i.e. download it, if enabled by the author). You can also view information about the author, the number of views, as well (in the right-hand column, view more slideshares by the same author (as in the screenshot below)


You can view a playlist from an author, by clicking on their name – and this can be embedded into any webpage or blog post.


You need to have an account in order to comment on a slideset.

You also need an account to upload a presentation – which you can do in a variety of formats: PDF, Powerpoint, OpenOffice), Keynote etc. And you can make it Public or Private.

When you upload the slideset, you provide a title, description, as well as tags/keywords and a category for the presentation.

Note that any links you have in the first 3 slides of your presentation will NOT be active – this is to try and prevent viewers moving away from Slideshare too quickly!

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