Quick Guide to Slack


slackSlack is a team collaboration tool, for real time messaging and file sharing

: www.slack.com
Availability: Download app
Free and premium versions

Key features

When you set up your group it will look something like the screenshot below

  • Channels are for conversations that are open to your entire team.
  • Private groups are best used for confidential topics or for a small group of team members.
  • Direct messages (DMs) are for private conversations between two team members.


It’s easy to set up a new conversation …


… a new private group


… or send a private message.


Slackbot is Slack’s built-in robot. It can help you with profile completion and integration set up. It can be used as a notepad and a place to keep files. You can even configure Slackbot to respond automatically to your team members’ messages.

You can belong to as many Slack teams as you’d like. You’ll need to create a new Slack account for each team you join but you can use the same email address to sign up for multiple teams.

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