Quick Guide to OneNote



onOneNote is note-taking software for capturing all of your ideas and to-dos on the go, brought to you by Microsoft Office.

Website: www.onenote.com
Availability: Download app
Cost: Free

Key features

You capture your notes in a Note.


You can embolden, italicise, underline, highlight, increase and decrease indent – in fact  format your notes in any way you want. You can insert photos, tables, PDFs, links, equations dates etc

You can draw and/or annotate items (as in the screenshot below).

  • You can edit any of your notes.
  • You can create, move, copy, re-order, rename, colour code and delete pages, sections as well as notebooks to organize your content as you like.
  • You can search your notes and files for anything you’ve captured by typing a keyword or phrase.
  • You can sync your notebooks seamlessly across computers and devices.
  • You can collaborate and share ideas with your team.
  • You can get more out of OneNote with these apps and devices.

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