Quick Guide to LinkedIn



linkedinLinkedIn is as a prime networking service, for connecting with others professionally as well as for finding jobs. Its range of groups is also considered valuable.

Website: www.linkedin.com
Availability: Hosted
Cost: Free and premium versions

Key features

When you log in to LinkedIn you will see your Home Page, and your news feeds. Here you can

  • share an update
  • upload a photo, or
  • publish a post.

On the right hand side it offers suggestions of people you may want to connect with.


linkedin2In Profile you can edit your own Profile; it is a good idea to review it from time to time to ensure it is up to date, and see who has viewed it.

In Connections you can start to build your network by searching for people you know, importing your contacts from your email lists and taking a look at recommendations for you.

People you are connected to are known as your 1st degree connections. People you’re not yet connected to, but who are linked to your 1st degree connections, are known as your 2nd degree connections, and so on.

In Jobs you can search for jobs.

linkedin3In Interests you can view Companies who have their own pages that you might want to follow for news and job opportunities. You can also view the Pulse – news and insights recommended for you, as well as find out about LinkedIn for Education

In Interests you can also view the Groups you have joined, and search for other groups. Groups are a useful way to get involved in discussions with your professional colleagues.

You might even want to follow the most influential people in your groups. You can do this by checking the Top Influencers board. You can also create your own Group(s).

LinkedIn Learning offers  access to 5,000+ online training courses provided by Lynda.com.

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