Quick Guide to iTunes & iTunesU



itunesiTunes is a digital media player. iTunesU is a section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that features free educational audio and video from universities and other organizations to download.

Website: www.apple.com/itunes
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Free app. Content free and commercial.

Key features

iTunes lets you organise your media in a Library on your computer (PC or Mac), as well as upload, synchronize and manage the same on your iPod, iPhone and iPad.

It also gives you access to the iTunes Store, where you can find a huge range of music, podcasts, videos, as well as apps – for free or to purchase.


You can also access iTunes U, which has become the world’s largest online catalogue of free educational content –  lectures, videos, books and other resources on thousands of subjects from universities worldwide, as well as those suitable for K12.


itunes3You can also access these courses through the iTunesU mobile app. This expands the classroom experience by putting all the materials for a course — audio and video, books, a syllabus and class assignments, posts from the instructor, PDFs, presentations and more — on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

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