Quick Guide to Google Translate


gtGoogle Translate is a free online service for instantly translating text and web pages.

Website: www.google.com/translate
Availability: Hosted
Cost: Free
Top 100 Tools for Professional Learning: #49 http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/google-translate/

Key features

Google Translate instantly translates text and web pages into different languages. Although the translation won’t be perfect, it will be good enough to understand the general meaning.


The website provides the place for the translation.

  • Set the language you would like to translate From (or Detect Language)
  • Set the language you would like to translate To
  • Enter your text – type or paste it – in the From box
  • Click Translate
  • The translation will appear in the To box – with some other definitions underneath (as appropriate)
  • Alternatively, you can speak the word, by clicking on the microphone in the From box
  • You can also hear the translation in the To box
  • You can enter the phase into your Phrasebook, by clicking the star icon.
  • You can view sample usage of the words in both the To and From boxes


The example above shows how it translates “hello” from English into Spanish “hola”.

Google Translate is integrated into the standard Google Chrome browser, and there are also extensions for the Firefox browser. The Google Translate toolbar is also available for Internet Explorer.

The free Website Translator plugin adds the power of Google Translate’s automatic translations to your website!

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