Quick Guide to Feedly



feedlyFeedly is an RSS reader that lets you organise, read and share the content of your favourite sites. It is now the only dedicated feed reader on the list

Availability: Hosted
Free and premium versions

Key features

You can add content – i.e subscribe to RSS blog or web feeds – by entering a URL, title or topic.


You can store and read all your subscriptions (i.e. RSS feeds) in one place – and view all subscriptions (or just those with unread posts). You view all the unread posts in a feed in a variety of different formats. (The screenshot below shows the Card view.)


You can view a post in more detail.


You can save the post (e.g. in Evernote, Pocket etc – using icons on the top left of the post) and/or share the post in social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn etc  – using the icons on the top right)

You can control a number of other preferences to enhance your reading experience, e.g. display density, source index and index link as well as the colour theme.

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