Quick Guide to Facebook



facebookAlthough primarily used by individuals for personal networking, it is also seen as a useful tool to support study and other professional groups.

Website: www.facebook.com
Availability: Hosted
Cost: Free

Key features

There are two ways to have a presence on Facebook. You can have

  1. a personal account and/or
  2. a Facebook page or pages.

Note, that Facebook’s terms and conditions state that you can not have more than one personal account, although you can set up multiple Facebook pages.

(1) With Facebook personal accounts you have reciprocal friendships with other Facebook members, and their status updates appears in your news feed at Home. You write a status update update, and add photos, videos, and links, as you wish. You can use Notes for longer blog-type postings.

Facebook personal account holders can also join Groups and even create their own public or private group(s). Groups are sometime used by educators for classroom purposes.

c4lptfb(2) Although personal account holders can also create pages, to set up a Facebook page you don’t have to have a Facebook account to do so.

Facebook pages can be set up by individuals, businesses and other organisations, for example to promote or market their services, event or book or just for discussion around topic areas. (Here’s the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Facebook page)

With Facebook pages you do not establish “friendships” with Facebook members as you do with a personal account, rather other Facebook members can simply “like” your  page in which case, postings on your page will appear in their personal activity streams.

Facebook pages are also visible to non-Facebook members.  If you set up a Facebook page, you can later convert your Facebook page into a personal account if you want to.

Setting up a professional page is a useful way of keeping your personal and professional Facebook lives separate; in other words you could use your personal account for keeping in touch with friends and for personal activities, and a Facebook page for your professional activities.

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