Quick Guide to Evernote



evernoteEvernote is the leading note-taking tool – not just for textual notes but also for web clippings. It can also be used across mobile computing devices. Notebooks are also shareable.

Website: www.evernote.com
Availability: Download app
Free and premium versions

Key features

You can easily write a note. You can then tag your note to create a library of notes that can be searched by keyword. You can also share your note on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or by email.


You can create notebooks (collections of notes), and if you wish, share them with others.

You can scan any physical notes you have (like Post-It notes), or take a picture of a paper note – to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times.

You can present your notes in a screen-friendly layout (with the premium version)

You can sync your Evernote account across devices – so that your notes are always available.

You can use the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension to take a screenshot of a page, mark it up by highlighting or annoying it) and then share it with others.


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