Quick Guide to Blogger



Google-owned Blogger is a quick and easy way to start and maintain a blog.

Website: www.blogger.com
Availability: Hosted

Key features

To create a new blog, you just need to give it a title, decide on a template, and its URL.

blogger1Your blog will now be listed in your Dashboard, so you can either start blogging straightaway (by clicking on the pencil) or consider some of the other options (shown in the pull down menu in the screenshot below).


When you compose a blog post, you will be able to add and edit text in Compose view or in HTML view.


Blogger options include:

  • Overview– which provides an overview of page views and updates
  • Posts– where you can add a post and manage existing posts
  • Pages– where you can add a new page and manage existing pages. Pages can be used to add extra value to your personal blog, e.g  to provide a useful About page, or provide other portfolio information, or create a fully functioning website; or build a complete class resource space.
  • Comments – where you can manage comments on posts and deal with spam
  • Google+ – where you can share your posts on Google+, and view the interaction on them there.
  • Stats – where you can view the post and page view stats.
  • Earnings – where you can find out how to monetise your blog using Google AdSense or Google Affiliate Ads.
  • Campaign – where you can find out how to grow your audience.
  • Layout– where you can add, remove and edit gadgets on your blog (see screenshot below),
  • Template– where you can customise your template for both the online and mobile version.

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