About Jane Hart

janehart4I am Jane Hart, and I set up this website as a place to share ideas, resources, tips and experience on how to survive and thrive in the new world of work. Here’s more about me.

For more than 25 years I have been working on short and long-term projects and engagements all around the world. I actually work as an independent workplace learning adviser and focus on helping organisations modernise their approach to workplace learning – so I see the new world of work from both sides! However, one of the things that I read recently that struck a chord with me was:

“The key to career success is not just knowing more. It’s knowing what others don’t.”

This has certainly been the key to my own success. So how do you demonstrate to potential clients that you know what others don’t? Well, you need to showcase your work just as much as promote your professional services! Others need to see what you know, what you can do – and ultimately how you can help them. Here are some of the ways I have done this.

I am also very active on most social channels, where I connect with a wide range of people from whom I learn a great deal about what is happening in my industry (for me, Twitter has been my No. 1 learning tool), as well as share with my over 30,000 followers. I also read a vast number of blogs written by both analysts and practitioners. My own professional growth and development has therefore largely been focused on establishing a continuous, drip-feed of valuable and useful content and interactions with and from trusted individuals.

All of these things have in one way or another led to business engagements – not always immediately, but sometimes down the line. But the fact is I don’t have to cold call potential clients; they come to me because they know all about me and what I do, and want me to help them.

Getting business is clearly necessary to survive  – but it’s also good to get the recognition of your peers, and in February 2013, the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) presented me with the Colin Corder Award for Outstanding Contribution to Learning. This had a lot to do with the fact that I freely share so much – so it’s clear to me that knowledge is not power; sharing knowledge is power!!

Finally, I should add you certainly don’t need to do everything that I’ve done to survive in the Gig Economy, but the fact is the more you can demonstrate that you know what others don’t, you are in a much better position to get work. And that’s exactly why I set up this site – to help you do just that!